Philippe Gamache

Philippe Gamache

Montréal, Canada

Evengilist, Ex-Situ


Philippe Gamache contributes to PHP since 1999: promotion, participation at local user groups, organizing conferences, speaking at conferences and writing technical articles. He works especially with Symfony, specializing in security, code quality, and performance.

Co-author of a PHP security book called “Sécurité PHP 5 et MySQL 5.” He was a member of the executive board of Montreal’s OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) group for several years.

Coauteur du livre « Sécurité PHP 5 et MySQL 5 », Philippe est actif dans la communauté PHP depuis 1999 en participant aux groupes locaux, en organisant des conférences, en présentant à des conférences et en écrivant des articles techniques. Il travaille particulièrement avec Symfony, se spécialisant dans la sécurité, la qualité du code, et de la performance.

Il fut membre du conseil exécutif de la section montréalaise de l’OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) pendant plusieurs années.

Philippe Gamache is a member of the community since November 2011.

Projects - 11

  • cornac

    PHP static auditeur

  • DoctrineSetTypeBundle

    The DoctrineSetTypeBundle provides MySQL SET type support for Doctrine2 in your Symfony2 application.

  • dotfiles

    My macOS dotfiles with installation of PHP, Symfony, Kuzzle, Exakat and Tools++

  • guzzle-bundle

    Add a Symfony and PHP QueryAggregator to Guzzle

  • PhilGeolocationBundle

    A Symfony2 Bundle to handle geographic location. Add geolocation to your entities. Add address entities. Add user geo location. Add doctrine functions for calculating geographical distances in your project.

  • PhilMoneyBundle

    This bundle is used to integrate the Money library from mathiasverraes ( into a symfony4 project. This library is based on Fowler's Money pattern (

  • phpstorm-config

    My PhpStorm configuration for writing PSR-compatible PHP code

  • proteksyon

    A PHP Security Library

  • Rpg-Awesome

    A fantasy themed font and CSS toolkit.

  • symfony-secure-edition

    The "Symfony Secure Edition" distribution. For a secure responsive application

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