Christian López Espínola

Christian López Espínola

Sevilla, Spain

Software Developer, Cocomore AG


Symfony and Drupal developer at Cocomore AG.
Drupal core contributor.

Christian López Espínola is a member of the community since June 2013.

Projects - 2

  • drush_release

    Drush release.

  • Ubercart-Cart-Login-Flow

    Ubercart default cart behavior is merging the anonymous cart and the existing user cart once the user logs in. This can be confusing for the user because his cart could have some products added long ago, and when he logs in the existing cart and the new anonymous cart are merged. This module provides another workflow: If the user logs in a block at the checkout page, or when the destination is set to the checkout page, the existing cart for the user is discarded, and the cart that has been created while being an anonymous user is the cart that will be checked out. In other case, we discard the anonymous card and recover the existing cart associated with this user.

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