Omar Yepez

Omar Yepez

Caracas, Venezuela



YepSua team leader, Symfony developer for 4 years.

Omar Yepez is a member of the community since November 2008.

Projects - 12

  • i-patient


  • jQuery4PHP

    jQuery4PHP ( jQuery for PHP ) is a PHP 5 library. Makes easy writing javascript code (jQuery syntax) using PHP objects. Develops Rich Internet Applications in an easy way without having to know javascript language with the help and power of jQuery.

  • jquery4php-assets

    The jQuery4PHP css and js Resources.

  • smartwig

    Ultimate Components Extension for Twig.

  • SNE-MobileSimulator

    Mobile Simulator SNE (Simulator Not Emulator)

  • YepsuaAuthBundle

    Sf2 Bundle: Extends the FOSUserBundle

  • YepsuaCommonsBundle

    YepsuaCommonsBundle: Yepsua Commons and Utils for Sf2 Framework

  • YepsuaDocs

    Documentation for the Yepsua IT Projects.

  • YepsuaGeneratorBundle

    YepsuaGeneratorBundle: The RICH CRUD Generator for Symfony2.

  • YepsuaLOVBundle

    Sf2 Bundle for manage List Of Values from the database (Doctrine)

  • YepsuaMenuBundle

    An Extension of the KnpMenuBundle

  • YepsuaSmarTwigBundle

    The jQuery, jQueryUI (and more) Symfony Bundle. Create RIA with Symfony2 and jQuery4PHP.

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