Olivier Philippon

Olivier Philippon

Paris, France

Web Developer, freelance


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Olivier Philippon is a member of the community since January 2014.

Projects - 10

  • CommonJSForPHP

    A simple CommonJS spec implementation for PHP 5.3+.

  • Medic-Injector

    Medic Injector is a lightweight PHP 5.3+ Dependency Injection utility.

  • Medic-Injector-JS

    A light-weight Javascript Dependency Injection tool, strongly inspired by the great ActionScript3 RobotLegs & SwiftSuspenders frameworks

  • Node-DBI

    A SQL database abstraction layer strongly inspired by the PHP Zend Framework Zend_Db API, with support of multiple Node.js database engines

  • Relax

    A PHP micro-framework based on the CommonJS Module pattern and Symfony2 Components

  • ridinginrails

    A french tale of a "PHP to Ruby" conversion

  • ruby-test-game

    A sample Ruby game using Gosu library

  • Silex-Phar

    A mirror of the current Silex framework ".phar" file (https://github.com/fabpot/Silex)

  • Silex-Providers

    Small and simple Providers for the Silex PHP 5.3+ framework

  • underscore.as

    An AS3 port of underscore.js

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