Rabat, Morocco

IT Engineer, ME


PHP Web developer
Laravel 5 developer
Symfony3 developer
Backend developer

NOUNI EL BACHIR is a member of the community since January 2016.

Projects - 18

  • cheerio-crawler

    A Cheerio base Crawler

  • colors-names

    List all colors names with matchines Hex code from W3School

  • couchcms

    CouchCMS utilities and extensions

  • DataStructures

    Arrays, String, others php types helpers classes

  • dress-advisore

    Dress Advisor Web Application - Based on Prado Framework

  • FileSystem

    FileSystem manipulation using php helpers

  • fpdf

    FPDF extensions and facilities (based on "itbz/fpdf" package)


    FTP and SFTP API facilities

  • html

    HTML Form Inputs Helper

  • l5-math

    Enimiste Math package integration with Laravel 5

  • math

    Math Calculation Package

  • MenuBuilder

    Build dynamique menu with permission support (Menu, GroupMenu, MenuItem, ...)

  • nit-tabs-validation

    Tabs workflow management and validation

  • prado-project-starter

    A Project skeleton to build PRADO Framework based application

  • SQLDriver

    This is a new sql driver to build and Execute SQL commands easly using php.

  • tuto-fpdf-1

    Exemple d'utilisation de fpdf

  • udemy-learn-sf3

    Cours practice on my machine

  • x-ray-crawler

    Customisable Crawler based on x-ray scrapper library

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