Alain Tiemblo

Alain Tiemblo

Paris, France

Web Developer, BlaBlaCar


I am Alain Tiemblo, a lazy and passionate web developer. I spend most of my life sleeping, eating, swimming and, of course, coding. I spend my vacations traveling, skiing, kayaking, trekking with a special attraction to China after being there 9 months already.

I enjoy being that lazy developer as I am always looking for ways to do more with less efforts and time. For me, but also and particularly for the users who will use my work. And I love searching for solutions to develop impossible stuffs, such as multi-threading simulation in PHP, user-friendly parsers, strong enconding matters, captcha-breakers and so on.

I began computer science at 13 years old, as an IRC chatter. I developped my first mIRC script because I seen a game robot that wasn't opensource, and wanted to put it on my own channels. This was the very beginning of an incredible adventure. I spent 8 years on IRC, coding games, moderation and administration robots, proxy to bypass school's firewall to chat during classes, chat client for mobile devices throught http, chat analytics and more.

After being gradulated from secondary school, I studied computer science at the European Institute of Technology, a 5-years course that creates self-learner nerds. During first 2 years, it was forbidden to use existing libraries: if we required a function (whichever one), we needed to code it! A nice way to learn a lot of low-level stuffs, and to understand how things run. The other years covered a large variety of technologies, from langages, system and network administration, to technical topics such as code parsing, network development, computer graphics, artificial intelligence and so on. Coupled with internships and international studies, the many things I learnt made me able to choose THE job I'm made for: web developer.

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