Nicola Pietroluongo

Nicola Pietroluongo

London, United Kingdom

Lead Developer/Solution Architect, Royal Opera House


I am a lead developer and a solution architect with many years of experience. I am building web applications for big companies across the Europe.
In my spare time I create and contribute to awesome open source projects (ie: [Fakerino](http:/ and write technical articles for some of the biggest PHP websites and magazines. Furthermore, I am the author of "Learning PHP7" (a video course by Packt publishing) and Amazon Alexa skill challenge Award winner.

Nicola Pietroluongo is a member of the community since February 2015.

Projects - 2

  • Regular Expression reverter

    Generates a string that match the provided regular expression. some examples: US phone number expression: \d{3}-\d{3}-\d{4} result: 212-686-1234 Phone with area code expression: (\d{3})\s\d{7} result: (957) 7583632 Email: expression: \w+@\w+.\D{2,3} result:

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