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Arnaud is a member of the community since February 2011.

Projects - 43


    My professional profile page (and blog).

  • Battlelog-Notifier

    Chromium extension (Google Chrome and Opera) that displays the count of your Battlelog friends in the extension's badge, by status: in game, online or offline.

  • blog-nuxtjs-contentful

    Blog in 5 minutes with Nuxtjs and contentful.

  • build-image

    This is the build image used for running automated builds

  • Facebook-Notifier

    Facebook Notifier is a browser extension that displays your Facebook notifications unread count.

  • file_get_contents

    Secure wrapper for accessing HTTPS resources with file_get_contents() for PHP 5.3+

  • Gandi-API

    Gandi-API provides a simple PHP library for the Gandi API.

  • GEC

    GEC = Garé En Chiasse

  • jamstatic-fr

    Le blog des utilisateurs de générateurs de site statique

  • leo-bot

    A simple bot to notify a Slack channel when it's time to pick up your child at school!

  • Magento_Baobaz_CustomSmtp

    Baobaz CustomSmtp provides a full SMTP configuration in Magento.

  • Magento_Baobaz_Ems

    Baobaz EMS synchronizes Magento Newsletter Subscribers with Experian CheetahMail database.

  • Magento_Baobaz_Social

    Magento helpers for social tools (Open Graph, Facebook, Twitter, Google+)

  • Magento-Mockups

    Balsamiq Mockups wireframe template for Magento backend.

  • Magento_Narno_Mailjet

    Mailjet Magento module.

  • Mailjet-API

    Mailjet-API provides a simple PHP library for the Mailjet API.

  • miam-bot

    A simple bot to notify a Slack channel when it's time to order food!


    My (french) static blog, powered by PHPoole.


    My Github home page repository.

  • Netfix

    Chrome extension that help you to hide Netflix Kids series.

  • notifier-for-github-chrome

    Chrome extension - Displays your GitHub notifications unread count

  • openMixtape

    openMixtape is an electronic Mixtape, inspired by Muxtape, powered by Audio5js.

  • Open-New-Tab-After-Current-Tab

    Open New Tab After Current Tab is a Google Chrome extension that opens new tab after the current tab, instead of last position.

  • PHPoole

    PHPoole is an easy and lightweight static website generator, written in PHP.

  • PHPoole-library

    A PHP library to generate a static website. WIP.

  • PHPoole-Publisher-test

    PHPoole Publisher: test site

  • php-w3cvalidator

    Validate your html and css files using w3c markup and css validation service

  • RabbitMQ-PHP-demo

    Bunch of sample scripts based on offical RabbitMQ tutorials and php-amqplib.

  • refined-github

    Browser extension that simplifies the GitHub interface and adds useful features

  • SensCritique-Notifier

    Google Chrome extension that displays your SensCritique notifications unread count.

  • SHAvatar

    Self-Hosted Avatar proposal + server implementation.

  • staticgen, A leaderboard of top open-source static site generators

  • SteamStats

    Steam API + MongoDB + Highcharts

  • Twitter-Notifier

    Twitter Notifier is a Google Chrome extension that displays your Twitter notifications unread count.

  • UNB

    Complete web bulletin board system with easy usage, XMPP, Unicode, polls, avatars, attachments, multiple designs and languages and powerful access rights management.

  • zf-console

    Create console applications in PHP

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