Ulrik Nielsen

Ulrik Nielsen

Kolding, Denmark

Owner, ulrik & co


been working with e-commerce and drupal forever - rediscovering symfony2 after a long absence (since 1.2)

Ulrik Nielsen is a member of the community since November 2011.

Projects - 11

  • BCCResqueBundle

    The BCC resque bundle provides integration of php-resque to Symfony2. It is inspired from resque, a Redis-backed Ruby library for creating background jobs, placing them on multiple queues, and processing them later.

  • GeocodableBehavior

    Propel Geocodable Behavior

  • jaiks

    jquery ajax request bundler

  • lefetch

    small php script for downloading music from music blogs

  • moment

    Moment.js is a lightweight javascript date library for parsing, manipulating, and formatting dates.

  • muneris

    services for the people

  • Propel

    Propel is an open-source Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) for PHP5.

  • PropelBundle

    PropelBundle for Symfony2.

  • Smesg

    providing wrappers for danish sms gateways

  • swiftmailer

    Comprehensive mailing tools for PHP

  • woop

    simple bookmark/read me later service

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