Michał Haracewiat

Michał Haracewiat

Madrid, Spain

PHP Developer, Selectra


I'm experienced with a wide scope of web-related technologies, specialized primarily in Symfony web application framework. Being motivated to improve my skills, collaborate on innovative projects, solve problems and inspire other people, I'm genuinely enjoying my passion.

With over 10 years of programming experience, acquired master's degree, deep understanding OOP, profound knowledge of PHP and a fine grasp of design patterns, I'm ready to assist you and your team with a broad range of project implementations.

Despite the fact, I'm back-end devoted developer, I do have some knowledge on modern front-end technologies including HTML5 (including SASS and LESS), ES (basics of Angular 2 and Vue.js).

Michał Haracewiat is a member of the community since May 2017.

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