Sylvain Gogel

Sylvain Gogel

Paris, France

Directeur Technique, Ecedi


Directeur Technique chez Ecedi depuis 2011

Sylvain Gogel is a member of the community since November 2008.

Projects - 13

  • Detach-Media

    Because you can attach media but sometimes you just want to unattach them not delete all the thing !

  • Ecedi/Donate

    Plateforme d'initialisation de formulaire de don

  • es6

    ES6 webpack base configuration (Stage 2) with babel + gulp

  • fbsf

    Some random Symfony Tests

  • Newmanity

    A Social network, build from scratch with Symfony2. Workflow, Notifications, Social Networking, Apache Solr Integration, CAS Integration, Stripe bridge etc

  • OGMP Reporting Database

    UNEP/OGMP Internal project based on Symfony2. Workflow, Notifications, Sonata Admin, Custom Country Type, Inline Edition with x-editable and REST API

  • react-fileupload

    A React implementation of input file with client side Preview

  • sf2-tests

    Some Symfony2 fun

  • shareable-app

    Template to build a self-hosted app shareable via NPM (Node.js, React.js, PouchDB, NPM)

  • Smart Answers

    3 symfony Apps to manage Public relations, an end user app to ask, a managment application with workflows to handle and a publication applictaion. REST API, Workflow, Solr Integration

  • SonataAdminBundle

    AdminBundle - The missing Symfony2 Admin Generator

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