Rafael Mello

Rafael Mello

Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

Software Engineer,


Software Engineer with more then nine years experience about main web technologies. Author and collaborator of open-sources projects for PHP and Symfony community and a JavaScript lover.

About my skills? I know and love JavaScript(Back-end and Front-end), Java, Groovy, PHP and their frameworks, like Spring Framework, Vue.js, React, Express.js, Symfony, Laravel and much more.

Is languages not sufficient? Ok, I'm going to say more... I love serverless archtecture with AWS environment, is so cool! Not Lambda only, but all AWS cloudplatform ecosystem. CloudFront and S3 for static files, EKS and ECS for microservices and monolitic applications, Cloudwatch to see anything, Api Gateway, DynamoDB, DocumentDB and much, much more!

My favorite quote is "Do or do not. There is no try." from Yoda(Star Wars) and I follow this philosofy for everything in my life. The sky's the limit!

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