Luke Watts

Luke Watts

Galway, Ireland

Founder, Affinity4


Founder of Affinity4, a web development agency in Galway, Ireland.

Author of Mastering Sass, an expert guide on building enterprise-level user interfaces with Sass. Published by Packt Publishing.

Oracle Certified Professional MySQL Database Developer.

Adobe Certified Associate in Photoshop CS5

Luke Watts is a member of the community since May 2017.

Projects - 14

  • affinity4-api

    WordPress Helpers Plugin for Affinity4 Dev Team

  • commentbox

    Easily insert a comment box into any page with a simple function. Use PDO for DB queries. and inserts.

  • doczykdesign

    Doczyk Design Website

  • encrypt-email

    A Wordpress plugin to encrypt any mailto email links in your content or widgets using a simple shortcode

  • HTML

    Class for quickly creating HTML such as img, js and css assets

  • html-elements

    A plain HTML file with all the current HTML elements. Use this to test your projects styles to ensure all elements default styles are correct or as desired.

  • HTTP

    The HTTP class is used to deal with URLs dynamically

  • just.css

    Configurable future proof base CSS file. Set which vendors you want to support, what browsers and what versions. No more bloat or out-dated rules.

  • lethean

    Wordpress theme

  • noesis

    Simple Wordpress Theme

  • postleaf-docker

    Docker container for Postleaf. Currently just for trying out Postleaf

  • postleaf-playbook

    Ansible playbook to install and run Postleaf CMS on Ubuntu/Debian servers.

  • rename-for-web

    Python script which when ran within a directory replaces whitespace with hyphens and makes everything lowercase.

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