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Lorenzo Adinolfi is a member of the community since February 2018.

Projects - 7

  • ACF-Issuu-Field

    Advanced Custom Fields Add-on to easily integrate Issuu.com in your website

  • FastestClick

    Verify your clicking speed in this Android Game

  • GGM-Analysis

    Custom Development Software Analysis for Gas Gain Monitoring System at CMS experiment (CERN - Swiss)

  • loru88.github.io

    my personal static site

  • MailCatcherDockerized

    a custom and very tiny (~40MB) Docker image for MailCatcher

  • post-types-order

    WordPress.org Plugin Mirror - hack per sincronizzare l'ordine dei post tra le traduzioni

  • Printable-Countdown

    Generate a printable countdown in Microsoft Word with this VBA script. Open the template file, pick the end date and a countdown for each page will be created. You can customize the aspect as you want and then print

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