Alexander Lisachenko

Alexander Lisachenko

Moscow, Russia

Head of Software Architecture, Alpari


I am working at Alpari (RU), one of the biggest FX Broker, as the Head of Software Architecture. I am author and project leader of the open-source aspect-oriented framework Go! AOP and I'm also a passionate FOSS PHP developer, speaker at conferences (SymfonyCampUA, DevConf, DutchPHP Conference, SymfonyCon-Berlin), guru in Enterprise Architecture.
I like to discuss complex systems and have a strong knowledge in computer science, electronics and of course in PHP. I like to bring cutting-edge IT solutions to non-technical businesses for optimizing processes and solving complex issues.

My slogan is: nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it.

Alexander Lisachenko is a member of the community since December 2012.

Projects - 9

  • Go! AOP Framework

    Go! AOP PHP - modern aspect-oriented framework for PHP with rich features such as method interception, dynamic interfaces, dynamic traits and much more for the new level of software development


    Official site content

  • go-prototype-php

    Prototype programming library for PHP

  • php-deal

    Design by Contract framework for PHP

  • protocol-fcgi

    FastCGI (FCGI) Protocol implementation for PHP

  • warlock

    PHP Warlock is a bridge that integrates AOP and DIC into one powerful component

  • yii2-aspect

    Playground for integration of aspect-oriented programming with Yii2

  • yii-aspect

    Playground for integration of aspect-oriented programming with YII

  • zf2-aspect

    Playground for integration of aspect-oriented programming into ZF2

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