Sébastien Lavoie

Sébastien Lavoie

Montréal, Canada

COT, WeMakeCustom


I am a young montrealer with a degree in Computer Science and I would define myself as a passionated Web specialist.

I have been in the Web since around 2006. For four years, I worked in a company working on big projects and I loved having the possibly to push every project to its best. I now run my own company with two other geeks at WeMakeCustom.

I mainly work in PHP using Symfony, but I also do Wordpress, Drupal, hosting, database optimization, SQL injection testing, front-end speed optimization, caching, SEO, jQuery plugins, HTML5/CSS3, etc. I just love trying everything. I am fairly active on GitHub and my development laptop is a complete mess with all the things I put on it.

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