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I am an accomplished web developer with a wealth of experience in modern web app development, specializing in Single Page Applications and Real-time web apps. My technical knowledge is extensive and varied, spanning a wide range of modern web technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, and a host of JavaScript MVC frameworks such as Angular.js, backbone.js, and ember.js. I am particularly skilled in meteor, node.js, and express.js, and I have a deep understanding of MongoDB.

In addition to my knowledge of existing frameworks, I have also developed my own custom JS MVC frameworks for specific projects, further expanding my ability to adapt to new challenges and develop bespoke solutions.

My passion for graphics and animation is reflected in my expertise with technologies such as Canvas, SVG, Fabric JS, D3.JS, Three.JS, and Draw 2D JS. I am adept at developing front-end frameworks, including Bootstrap, Foundation, and Framework 7, as well as Cordova, Phonegap, and Ionic for mobile app development.

My experience extends to back-end development, including Node JS, Express JS, Sail JS, StrongLoop, LoopBack, and TypeScript, as well as Symfony 1.x, Symfony 2.x, Core PHP, and Wordpress. I have an in-depth understanding of databases, including MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Redis, and Memcached, as well as caching tools such as Varnish.

In terms of server setups, I am well-versed in a variety of configurations, including DigitalOcean and Heroku. I have experience with both dedicated and shared server setups for PHP, NodeJs, and static assets server. My knowledge of REST APIs in PHP/ExpressJS/NodeJs/LoopBack is extensive, and I have a strong grasp of Git, SVN, Github, and Bitbucket for version control.

Overall, I am a versatile, adaptable, and technically proficient web developer with a broad range of experience and expertise. My ability to innovate and develop bespoke solutions, as well as my extensive knowledge of established technologies, make me a valuable asset to any web development team.

KULDIP PIPALIYA is a member of the community since May 2013.

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