Kristof Van Cauwenbergh

Kristof Van Cauwenbergh

Leuven, Belgium

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PHP-developer, symfonian, webapp-creator.

Kristof Van Cauwenbergh is a member of the community since December 2011.

Projects - 7

  • DashboardBundle

    This bundle defines a skeletonstructure for an adaptable homepage like iGoogle

  • lh_resume_builder

    Public repository for the Lifehacker Resume Builder (

  • ListBundle

    A bundle to render lists of objects and filter that lists

  • ListBundle

    A symfony2-bundle to render lists

  • pebble-clock-wheater

    This is a watchface for the pebble watch that show clock-date and current temperature

  • pebble-hello-world

    This is my first pebble "Hello World" application

  • zendblogskeleton

    This is the skeleton for the blog module

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