Klaus Silveira

Klaus Silveira

Fort Lauderdale, United States

Lead Software Architect, Linio


I'm passionate about building things and doing good work. I write code and craft software, using the most fascinating tools and methodologies. I also like to teach and lead, which usually involves helping teams overcome the challenges of object-oriented design and improve their skills in the software development lifecycle.

My technology background includes working with various object-oriented languages like PHP, C# and C++. Recently, I've been riding the ES6 and TypeScript bandwagon for fun. I have strong analytical and process-oriented abilities, and years of experience in the design, management, architecture and development of object-oriented, service-based enterprise systems.

Klaus Silveira is a member of the community since February 2012.

Projects - 28

  • Bio_DungeonGenerator_PHP

    A bio-inspired dungeon map generator written in PHP!

  • cachacaware

    cachacaware license

  • Doodle

    Doodle is an experiment, a game that aims to provide a fun audiovisual experience instead of innovative gameplay. It is free and open source software, based on Quake 1 source-code and the NPRQuake project by Alex Mohr. We spent a lot of time adapting, fixing and improving the GLQuake engine, but there's still a lot to do.

  • dotfiles

    Just my dotfiles, nothing to see here.

  • flQuake

    flQuake is a Quake port for the Flash platform with a fancy renderer

  • gitlist

    An elegant and modern git repository viewer

  • gitter

    Gitter allows you to interact in an object oriented manner with Git repositories.

  • Hermeto

    Hermeto is a Android project using ADK to create a multi-user Tenori-on

  • heroku-buildpack-silex

    This is a Heroku build pack for Silex-based apps.

  • jenkins_installer

    Jenkins Installer for my server

  • klaussilveira.github.io

    My website... quite useless.

  • LexicalAnalyzer

    A simple library for lexical analysis written in PHP, inspired by the ideas on Martin Fowler's DSL book.

  • neo4j-client-bundle

    This bundle provides a simple integration of Josh Adell's Neo4jPHP library into Symfony2.

  • neo4j-ogm-bundle

    This bundle provides a simple integration of the Neo4j PHP Object Graph Mapper into Symfony2.

  • neslab

    Repository for my experiments with NES ASM.

  • nodeNES

    A c6502 Nintendo 8 bit compiler written in Javascript

  • phpcs-psr

    A PHP_CodeSniffer sniff to check against the PSR-0, PSR-1 and PSR-2

  • PHPHint

    PHPHint is a quick and easy tool that analyzes your PHP code and looks for potential errors, lack of best practices and code smell. It also allows you to clean your code automagically.

  • pyNES

    Python programming for Nintendo 8 bits

  • sfCASGuardPlugin

    Small modification to integrate sfGuard and CAS

  • SimpleGit

    An abstraction layer for Git repository manipulation using PHP

  • SimpleLDAP

    An abstraction layer for LDAP server communication using PHP

  • SimpleMAP

    A small library for parsing and writing the MAP file format

  • SimpleSHM

    SimpleSHM is a simple and small abstraction layer for shared memory manipulation using PHP. It makes use of the SHMOP functions, built into most PHP packages.

  • SimpleString

    A small library for object-oriented string manipulation with PHP.

  • SublimeNESASM

    SublimeNESASM is NESASM-oriented assembly language syntax definition for Sublime Text 2

  • trollcat

    Trollcat Is Troll!

  • urbanairship-php

    PHP library that provides a simple way to communicate with Urban Airship services

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