Kasper Fogtmann Søfren

Kasper Fogtmann Søfren

Roskilde, Denmark

System Developer, IST


I'm a Full Stack Developer (PHP) with a curious and inquisitive nature.

Education: Computer Science, Roskilde University, Denmark.

Work experience: 10+ years (since 2006).


PHP: Various applications, ranging from Symfony, Zend Framework (1+2) , OpenCart, PHPbb, WordPress, Concrete5, and more, including many custom applications implemented from scratch.

I also utilize: C, C# (mainly with Unity), Node.js and client-side Javascript, and I know a bit of LUA and, of course, Java.

Besides programming I'm dabbling with: Software application architecture, video editing, Photoshop, music (composing and covering), game assets (textures, models, sounds, etc.), and much more.

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