Jonathan Claros Santander

Jonathan Claros Santander

Cochabamba, Bolivia

Software Engineer, XS


Bolivian from birth, Citizen of the internet, OSX and Linux evangelist.

Systems Engineer from San Simón University.

I've started programming with Java on University and then started playing with Symfony 1.1 - PHP 5.2 after that I've become a Web developer by passion, working with Jquery and HTML5 for frontend and supporting backend on PHP.

After Symfony growth I've been a developer advocated to backend and supporting frontend, I'm familiar with the change of Jquery for some other tools like NodeJs, BackboneJS, jsMVC and some other tools for supporting single page applications and real time solutions, I’ve been working with cloud based solutions for some years based on Rackspace and Amazon solutions, my most beloved development environment consists on open source software based on Ubuntu, Redhat, CentOS but some years ago I’ve started working on MacOSX for mobile solutions and … I love it too.

After a while and profesional migration of tools I’ve learned Python programming and I’ve experimented with NodeJS in some projects for backend solutions and Backbone with Bootstrap, Sass/Less infrastructure for frontend, learning and practicing DevOps in the wild while couching groups of developers to improve their performance on the projects.

I’ve managed several groups of developers from different latitudes of the world, I enjoy meeting new people and I’m always open to start new projects.

Jonathan Claros Santander is a member of the community since September 2008.

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