Iulian Popa

Iulian Popa

Iasi, Romania

Senior Web Developer, eMAG


PHP, Symfony, VueJs, Linux & Docker lover.
I am a eager Senior Web Developer with a lot of knowledge in this field. I love to explore technology and interact people with it. When I am not working on some web application, I like to follow Jeffrey Way's, Ryan Weaver, Chris Fidao or Matthias Noback work and keep up with the new technologies.

Iulian Popa is a member of the community since December 2014.

Projects - 20

  • battle

    A small Symfony Command that simulates a fight between a beast and a hero

  • council

    An open source forum built on Laravel.

  • devices

    Small home-automation app built with laravel, elephant.io and socket.io.

  • docker-dev-stack

    Docker stack environment gives you everything you need for develop PHP web applications

  • dovue

    A small to do list build with Laravel and Vuejs

  • elixir-bundle

    A Symfony bundle to integrate Laravel Elixir

  • elixir-mix-bundle

    A Symfony bundle that integrates Laravel Mix

  • flexbox-grid

    A flexbox grid example

  • flex-validator

    A simple validator based on Respect Validation library, that provides an easy way to customize the error messages.

  • iulyanp/elixir-bundle

    A Symfony bundle to integrate Laravel Elixir

  • JavaScript30

    30 Day Vanilla JS Challenge

  • maintenance-bundle

    A simple symfony bundle to set your application in maintenance mode.

  • sitemap-generator

    A lightweight PHP class that can generate sitemaps

  • stripe-bundle

    A Symfony Bundle based on Stripe payment system.

  • Sylius

    eCommerce PHP framework built on top of Symfony with component-based architecture and format-agnostic rendering. (HTML/JSON/XML)

  • symfocker

    A Docker setup environment for Symfony2 Framework based on Alpine

  • Symfocker

    A Docker setup environment for Symfony2 Framework with Alpine Linux, Docker and docker-compose.

  • symfony-docs

    The Symfony documentation

  • Validation

    The most awesome validation engine ever created for PHP

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