Ignacio Sánchez

Ignacio Sánchez

Madrid, Spain

Developer, Bluespark


I like solving problems (the harder the better), especially with code and libraries. I really love figuring out how different pieces connect will each other for building the system each project needs.

Prior to Bluespark, I worked for Indra, one of the largest IT companies in Spain, and idealista, the best real estate website in Spain. I learned, among many things, how to keep the end user in mind. This is why I love to code. I like to see how users face their problems using my solution and if the user can do his/her job more quickly and more efficiently.

I'm very active in the local community. I'm the organizer of the meetup: Drupal-Madrid, a local meetup for Drupal and also a part of the Drupal Spanish association, organizing this year (2017) the Drupalcamp Spain 2017 in Madrid.

For fun, I like to play with little devices, like Arduino or Raspberry PI, external programmable devices.

In my free time, I like to invent new games with my daughter, play guitar, cooking and go to the mountain.

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