Hugo Magalhães

Hugo Magalhães

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

CEO, RockBee


Product development enthusiast in Verticis, a brazilian web studio. Developer Leader of RockBee, an online event promotion and ticketing selling service. Entrepreneur.

Hugo Magalhães is a member of the community since March 2011.

Projects - 1

  • RockBee

    RockBee is a online ticketing and promotion service for all kinds of events. Started in July, 4 of 2011, RockBee begun with a discount ticket sale service aiming to be a leading online tool for promoting events for a segmented audience and to sell online tickets. In 5 months of a beta version, RockBee had organized about 200 events and sold about 1800 tickets in Brazil, and since than a new version is being developed, aiming to be a pioneer platform for event ticketing and promotion, offering professional tools, huge public and low costs.

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