Simone Fumagalli

Simone Fumagalli

Milan, Italy



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Simone Fumagalli is a member of the community since September 2009.

Projects - 10

  • AsseticApiClientBundle

    Assetic client for ServerGrove assetic web API -

  • badge-poser

    The PHP badges, renders some badges for your readme with the packagist information.

  • bitly-api

    PHP Library based on Guzzle to consume API

  • BitlyBundle

    Integrate hpatoio/bitly-api in your Symfony2 project

  • DeployBundle

    Porting of Symfony 1.4 project:deploy command to Symfony 2

  • hpatoio-theme


  • Idephix

    Ideato automation and deploy tool - ALPHA release - things can catch fire in any moment!

  • MssqlBundle

    Manage connection to MsSQL database from your Symfony2 project

  • MysqlDoctrineFunctions

    MySQL Function for Doctrine : RAND() and ROUND()

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