Himel Nag Rana

Himel Nag Rana

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Software Developer, Dementia Corp


I am 11+ years experienced Web application professional, deploying and managing scalable, easy-debugging, distributed enterprise web applications.

For backend technologies I have been working with PHP, Symfony2, Laravel, CodeIgniter.

For database solutions - I have experience in - MySql, MongoDB. I have some experience in PostGreSql, too.

Besides this I have working experience with Amazon web services (EC2, ELB, S3, RDS, ElastiCache), Gearman, Apache Solr, ElasticSearch, HAProxy and Jenkins.

Through my working experience and thought process - I am able to take any challenge in related field.

I am a self-motivated, quick learner, problem solving person. I have been a team player since very first of my career and I like to take ownership over my work.

Generally, in an environment where people can work with self-motivation and scope for applying innovation, my best outputs are available.

Himel Nag Rana is a member of the community since January 2014.

Projects - 4

  • Gearmanager

    Small library for handling and managing gearman workers client

  • MeetupAPIWrapper

    Wrapper class for using Meetup.com events API in php. Special thanks to https://github.com/blobaugh/Meetup-API-client-for-PHP for his wonderful repository.

  • MessageQueue

    A small message queuing system built on top of custom framework based on symfony components.

  • PaymentHelper

    This is a skeleton of a helper class for processing payment through multiple gateways. I will update it with real libraries time to time.

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