amir modiri

amir modiri

istanbul, Turkey

web developer,


borne at 02/01/1981 in Zanjan capital town of Zanjan province in Iran. we went to Tehran the capital of Iran when i am seven years old .
my father is technician of textile machines he some times made some
electronic things at home as hobby . since then i like technology .
our first computer that my father bought is commodore 64 . I tried to write
some program for changing the color of screen with tutorial book. but it's not excitement than gaming , after years we bought PC 486 DX with eight MB ram
its latest technologies in that year since then i work with computer .
in year 2000 i went to MFT institute to pass the MCSD & MCSE but after
some coarse in programing with VB6 and set and configure network without
give any certificate i leave the courses because my English is not enough
good then i tried to improve my language by my own. after month i hired at that institute as network supporter about two years in this year i familiar with flash ,actionscript , CIW courses and ICDL then i got the
ICDL certificate and tried to teach this courses in that institute and some
college after two years and spend more than 2000 hour in teaching , i proffered
to be programmer and then started web programing and left teaching .
since then I am working continuously in web programing field from design
until develop .
at 2007 before my wedding i begin serious work in web with PHP/MySQL and its
continue present. all the time i try to fined resource for learning in self-emotively. because it s spend less price for learning and efficiently in time. now for more experience came to turkey and work with some companies during
this ten month i learned Turkish during the work i believe that i have some talent
to learn languages
now try to learn python.
I love programing and robotic but until now do not have chance to work
in field of robotic may be another time.

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