Gonzalo Alonso

Gonzalo Alonso


Fundador Desarrollador, TECSPRO


Desarrollador en Symfony

Gonzalo Alonso is a member of the community since December 2011.

Projects - 41

  • AccountKit-Web-PHP

    Example of implementation of Facebook Account Kit for Web using PHP

  • AdminCrudBundle

    AdminCrud genera un controlador muy básico para una Entity dada. Este controlador extiende e implementa un controlador Super Genial.

  • AdminCrudBundleDemo

    Demo de AdminCrudBundle

  • AdminCrudBundle MWSimple

    MWSimple Admin Crud Bundle

  • ApiPostBundle

    API para realizar post en redes sociales

  • awesome-symfony2

    A list of awesome Symfony 2 bundles, utilities and resources.

  • barcode-bundle

    Barcode Bundle Symfony

  • CloudBackupBundle

    Be able to backup your database(s) and upload it to the cloud (Dropbox, CloudApp, GoogleDrive, etc.)

  • ComunBundle

    Comun Bundle ofrece soluciones a circunstancias comunes en el desarrollo con Symfony

  • CrudGeneratorBundle

    This Symfony2 bundle aims to be the bundle that you are looking for create a nice CRUD with pagination and filter features.

  • CSClima

    Utilizando comandos y servicios publicar el cambio en facebook.

  • cursosf

    Curso de Symfony 2

  • curso-sf2

    Curso de Symfony2

  • curso-symfony2-controlf-2013

    Repositorio para realizar las prácticas con el framework Symfony 2

  • EasyAdminBundle

    The new (and simple) admin generator for Symfony applications.

  • ExcelAnt

    Simple yet powerful Excel manipulation library for PHP 5.4+

  • FFmpeg-Android

    Building FFmpeg for Android neon, armv7, vfp and armv6, used in VPlayer for Android

  • FOSUserBundle

    Provides user management for your Symfony2 Project. Compatible with Doctrine ORM & ODM, and Propel.

  • FtpBundle

    FTP bundle for Symfony2

  • Gaufrette

    PHP5 library that provides a filesystem abstraction layer − will be a feast for your files!

  • Gstreamer-Android-example

    GStreamer 1.0 example "tutorial 5" for Android Studio with Gradle

  • gxp

    High level components for GeoExt based applications.

  • ionic-box

    Ionic Box: The easiest way to get your hybrid development environment up and running. A Vagrant install for Android, Cordova, and Ionic.

  • ionic-pusher-bundle

    Integration of ionic pusher into symfony

  • IoTcpdfBundle

    render HTML as PDF page using TCPDF library

  • jaegers


  • jOrgChart

    A jQuery plugin to draw tree-like structures such as OrgCharts.

  • LimeApp

    Open source Application based on the tutorials written in http://www.limecreativelabs.com. The best way to quickly test tutorial result.

  • MercadopagoBundle

    Este bundle te permite adaptar de manera rápida el api de Mercadopago a tu proyecto en Symfony.

  • MWSimpleCrudGeneratorBundle

    This bundle generates code cute you extending SensioGeneratorBundle using KnpPaginatorBundle and Boostrap Templates.

  • ole

    OpenLayers Editor

  • PdfServiceProvider

    A Pdf Service Provider for Silex, based on Zend_Pdf library.

  • SensioGeneratorBundle

    Generates Symfony2 bundles, entities, forms, CRUD, and more...

  • Silex-Esqueleto

    Esqueleto de directorios para Silex

  • symfony

    The Symfony PHP framework

  • TPBaseDatos

    Trabajo Practico de Base de Datos

  • vivalapizza

    Sistema Web para manejo de restaurantes.

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