Kingston, Canada

Antelope Studios


I am a developer that builds web applications. I think that small iterations are better for a project's success - we are all one step away from being redundant.

I have lots of experience with start-ups and can offer advice so that your next project will not falter when you are getting started.

James is a member of the community since July 2014.

Projects - 3

  • Complysure

    Complysure was a redevelopment project. It was originally developed as an “old style PHP application”, where each PHP file combined database queries and templating code. The redevelopment started from square one, using the knowledge that EnvrioRisk had acquired from building it the first time. This new version is a more stable and solid application that will be easy to expand in the future.

  • HordernIT Website

    A collaboration with a Melbourne design company, who provided Photoshop templates. The site was built using Symfony as a framework, using the Manhattan Console bundle for the CMS. Over time small updates have been made to add in a subscription to a mailing list, and a few case studies.

  • Refindery

    A small start-up that helps with data refining large data-sets with a smart algorithm. Built using Symfony as a framework, we have built an admin section that interacts with our API to refine data-sets for clients.

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