Stefano Frasca

Stefano Frasca



Various years experience in web design and development of dynamic site in AMP environment. Advanced skill of PHP and Object Oriented Programming with PHP, using Framework and template engine like Zend, Smarty, Symfony.

I am currently dealing with web projects on LAMP platform that makes extensive use of JavaScript and html5, using library such as JQuery, innovative frontend library like React.js and framework like Backbone.

I have experience in various side of Java Tecnology like interface creation with AWG/Swing, analysis of code, connection with Database(Oracle) through JDBC and use of JSP/HTML for grafical interface in web application.

Using Java also to develop mobile applications using the Android framework for native Android SDK, usually in conjunction with existing web services or by creating new (SOAP or REST) with the AMP platform.

Stefano Frasca is a member of the community since February 2017.

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