Adrián Estrada

Adrián Estrada

Medellín, Colombia



well I consider myself as a good coder, I have a lot of experience on web development and a good knowledge on:

* CSS (I hate tables layouts and IE 6... LOL)
* Javascript (regular JS and frameworks like Jquery, Dojo and Prototype... just starting with MooTools)
* PHP (since version 4, and major experience on 5, big fan of Symfony and CakePHP frameworks)
* Java (mostly on desktop and mobile applications, some web projects too, some of those using Spring)
* dotNet (always using Mono, not a big fan of Micro$oft and their products)

Also I have good experience with servers, I like Linux a lot (my default OS) and I am a kind of expert on this subject, but also worked with Window$ servers too (you know... crazy clients choices).

On the DB field, I use MySQL a lot but I can switch to SQL server or Oracle.

I guess that's pretty much what I have...... what I don't have is graphic taste hehehe, I like the graphic design but sadly I don't have what is needed for it. so I am always looking for a good design partner for my projects

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