Micah Breedlove

Micah Breedlove

Nashville, United States

Lead Developer, iostudio


Developer by trade.
Farmer by nature.

Micah Breedlove is a member of the community since May 2009.

Projects - 15

  • CampFires

    campfire presentations

  • exacttarget

    ExactTarget PHP Component for ExactTarget API

  • exactTargetBundle

    Symfony bundle for Exact Target library

  • Geek-Merit-Badge

    As a friendly competition between colleagues exploring languages and frameworks outside of our usual comfort zone. I chose Groovy/Grails.

  • Granolas-Witness

    IRC Bot written in groovy based on PIRCBot

  • GroovyPresentationSamples

    Samples from a Groovy Presentation

  • hpHack

    collection of old scripts to hack display of hp Printers

  • KaZaA-Supernode-Patch

    A collection of scripts that were created and used to disable the "Function as SuperNode" capability in KaZaA

  • Mapstog

    Old Email Address Harvesting tool used for demo purposes - DO NOT USE FOR HARM

  • OddsThomas2

    Symfony 2 rewrite of OddsThomas

  • paracord-backup

    My personal fork of [BlackMagicMushroom/paracord]

  • PHiliP-old

    PHiliP is a simple, extensible, PHP-based IRC bot. It's also a work in progress.

  • php-presentations

    Code Samples for Presentation

  • Sismo

    Your Continuous Testing Server. Fork from @fabpot

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