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For many people, the decision to become a teacher is often painted as a noble and selfless act. While true to a great degree, the passion to teach is much more than a decision to instruct the future leaders of America. To anyone with a Master's in Education degree, it can also be a lucrative.
Even if your decision isn't based on the promise of a higher salary, there are benefits to obtaining a Master's in Education degree. Anyone who wishes to teach at the community college level or at any 4-year college or university must obtain a MasterŐs degree, preferably one focused on education.
A majority of MAEd programs are designed to give teachers a fresh perspective in the art of teaching and concepts that deal in specialized facets of education are explored. For instance, an emphasis in administration and supervision offers a greater understanding of the process of teaching as well as the studies that can help you obtain positions as a guidance counselor or principal.
Made to enhance and refine the skills of teachers, counselors and administrators, these more focused MAEd programs offer insight into the techniques and concepts that prepare them for further roles in administration and supervision. Such Administration focused MAEd programs are designed for educators interested in gaining the conceptual, technical, and theoretical knowledge in the human resources area needed to assume principalship or other entry-level administrative positions. Key areas explored in these programs are curriculum, supervision, guidance, personnel administration, community relations, school management, and school law.
Simply put, a MAEd with an emphasis in administration is incredibly helpful to teachers who are looking to move beyond the classroom and into more challenging positions.

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