Cyrille Bourgois

Cyrille Bourgois

Lille, France

Front-end developer, OVH


Front-end developer @ OVH

Cyrille Bourgois is a member of the community since December 2007.

Projects - 10

  • adventofcode

    PHP (dirty) scripts solutions for the Advent of Code

  • calavera

    A (static) Single Page Application generator using Markdown files

  • cryptoJsPasswordEncoder

    Simple Message Digest Password Encoder with CryptoJS lib

  • DunglasApiBundle

    The Hypermedia REST API component of API Platform: JSON-LD and Hydra support, works with Symfony too

  • Faker

    Faker is a PHP library that generates fake data for you

  • HandlebarsLoader

    Simple js script to load handlebar templates

  • MarcWWurstBundle

    Prints some nice w├╝rst to your shell

  • scaffolt

    Dead-simple JSON-based scaffolder.

  • wsseHeader

    Simple WSSE Header Generator in javascript

  • wsseHeaderDemo

    Wsse Header generator Demo

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