Chris Tankersley

Chris Tankersley

United States


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Chris Tankersley is a member of the community since March 2013.

Projects - 11

  • AYL

    A question and answer platform designed for testing

  • congregate

    Project tracking and collaboration platform

  • FlyAway

    Services for helping users switch from Twitter to

  • Habari

    Git *mirror* of the habari svn - Changes will not be merged from git to svn.

  • kiroku

    Zend Framework-based CMS

  • manuscript

    A PHP-based document management and CMS intranet system built for Windows and *nix

  • pacts

    Contract Programming for PHP

  • PhpORM

    A compact PHP Object Relational Management library

  • PillarAPI

    A basic REST server written in PHP

  • spaz-android

    Port of Spaz to the Android mobile system via Titanium

  • tws_service_google_storage

    PHP Wrapper for Google Storage

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