Nicolas Cortes

Nicolas Cortes

Málaga, Spain



Computer Engineer with extensive experience in performing IT tasks such as:
- Web designer / developer: extensive experience in implementing web projects. To highlight the action under the scope of the program Novapyme of the Andalusian IT tecnologies diffusion, with performances on some 300 SMEs in Andalusia.
- Analyst / Programmer: integral in the development of projects such as:
1.995 – 1.998 - Virtual Learning Center (CEV): Java platform for online learning.
1.998 - 2.000 - NetBank. Multichannel system of banking1
- IT Consultant: Consultant Novapyme approved program of the Junta de Andalucía for IT diffusion in SMEs of Andalusia.
- Teaching IT: extensive experience in the provision of training for employment and continuous.

Nicolas Cortes is a member of the community since December 2011.

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