Vladimir Kovpak

Vladimir Kovpak

Kyiv, Ukraine

Full Stack Developer,



Vladimir Kovpak is a member of the community since July 2015.

Projects - 18

  • api-gateway

    This is super simple API Gateway for github which helps receive data from several github JSON REST API endpoints in one call.

  • beeGame

    🐝 This is simple frameworkless game written for exhibition purposes. You can find OOD and lot of different Design Patterns here.

  • benchmark-postgres-mongo

    Benchmarking read performance of PostgreSQL and MongoDB on same data sets.

  • crypto

    [This repo is abandoned 🚨Moreover it's deprecated ‼️] Simple wrapper for php mcrypt.

  • docker-go

    🐳 This repo contains go docker images tailored for development purposes (lint, goveralls, etc).

  • docker-php

    🐳 This repo contains PHP docker images tailored for development purposes (xdebug, composer, php-fpm, nginx, etc).

  • docker-ubuntu

    This repo contains ubuntu docker images tailored for development purposes (git, curl, etc).

  • eop

    Here you can find 2 approaches how to deal with errors: first one - return error, another one - panic. Which better - it's up to you!

  • getthemall

    🚀 Despite fact that this project built for demo purposes, you can use this small library to perform few REST API requests in one run.

  • is-it-object

    Tiny package which helps to check that value is an object in JavaScript.

  • log

    ⭐️ This is super simple REAL-TIME log (logger for logging logs). I've built this tool for debug purposes. The main aim of the project - just show to user logs published from any application layer.

  • my

    🌍 Here you can find brief information about popular Web Development technologies, like: js, go, php, mysql, mongo, etc.

  • short-string-number

    Convert number into short string (like 41939 to 41.9k).

  • skipe

    Web analogue to skype. In general, it's my first home project where I've experimented with node and mongo.

  • vo

    🔋 ValueObject - Simple, yet powerful immutable value object. If you need to pass valid parameters into different application layers - use value object.

  • wall

    This is simple framework agnostic (backend and frontend) DDD example in PHP. This project is written for exhibition purposes and illuminates different architectural bottlenecks.

  • z

    Super simple social network feed (built as Single Page Application).

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