Christian Flach

Christian Flach

Berlin, Germany

Developer, Zikula


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Christian Flach is a member of the community since November 2013.

Projects - 8

  • AVR-UART-Sniffer

    An UART sniffer using an atmega8



  • Miniplan

    Further information below | In developement and not really ready to be tested yet!

  • OAuthModule

    An OAuth implementation for Zikula.

  • OpenWeatherMap

    A Zikula module using OpenweatherMap for displaying weather and forecasts.

  • OpenWeatherMap-PHP-Api

    A php api to parse weather data (including forecasts now!) from

  • RoboRally

    The board game RoboRally played by Lego NXTs

  • RSABundle

    A Symfony demo bundle encrypting and decrypting RSA (german only ATM)

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