Christiaan Baartse

Christiaan Baartse

Barneveld, Netherlands

Web Power


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Christiaan Baartse is a member of the community since June 2012.

Projects - 18

  • alive

    A website framework build on top of the Recess framework

  • concrete5-new_content

    Concrete5 addon Laymen's RSS, shows a message on the top of the page if there is new content since last visit.

  • emailfeed

    Commandline tool that generates a RSS feed for emails received in the last N days.

  • InlineStyle

    Transform embedded and external stylesheets to style attributes on the HTML tags.

  • jquery-ui-videodisplay

    Exposing various Video API's to Javascript in one concise way

  • luasandbox

    Sandbox to run user supplied code using the Lua language

  • phantomshot

    PHP tool to make web-shots using PhantomJS

  • php-sandbox

    Php Sandbox in a child process which should make it possible to run user supplied code safely

  • stream-process

    Easily spawn processes and communicate with them using streams.

  • tfs_web

    The Free Song Singer web edition

  • tvify-chrome

    Chrome Extension to TVify websites, zooming them in to max width.

  • WebZed

    WebZed is based on an old game called Z which was developed by Bitmap Brothers. This is a remake using HTML 5 technology.

  • wowHeroes.js

    wowHeroes.js Fetch WowHeroes data with just JavaScript

  • WowPhpTools

    General purpose World of Warcraft PHP5 classes

  • WowPhpToolsWebService

    WebService that uses WowPhpTools to provide JSONP functionality for the Armory and

  • zephir

    Zephir is a compiled high level language aimed to the creation of C-extensions for PHP

  • zohocrmclient

    Provides a clean readable PHP API to the Zoho Rest API

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