cateland axel

cateland axel

Toulon, France

French navy


In short worked for french navy Human Resources tool (SI@D), on many tools built around.(2005-2007)

Been working for the french Comissariat de la marine.
When i had to rebuild an existing application and choose Symfony.
Audience : Lots of people in french navy.
Target : Allow people to express needs for stuff in catalogs or public works contract. From pens to motors etc...

Actually helping this team to launch two more application made with Symfony 2.
On made to manage our fellow sailor qualification on board of our ships.
With lots of constraints and database réplications beetween on board database and a central one.

And another one for Marin pompiers de marseille and Paris one, to manage their stocks.

Im actually trying to promote the use of Symfony and both good project a code good pratice on FD@Ligne an interarmy web application made to pay for travelling and accommodation expenses of the whole défense ministry.

Yes we do love @ in our application names.
And yes my english may be not good.

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