Boris Guéry

Boris Guéry

Paris, France

CTO, Boris Guéry


I first put my hands on a keyboard when I was 6, a 486, MS-DOS 3.2, monochrome monitor, mechanical keyboard, dot matrix printer. Therefore, I began to write my first Batch to start my favorite game, and at a later time, Windows 3.1

At 11, I discovered Internet, at speed of 56k/s I roamed the world of web, every time I brought back many memories to read offline. I quickly wanted to communicate in this world still being created. So I designed my first website, with -table-.

I then found my way, and left the dark side to join the rebel forces. As a fervent advocate of free software, I also contribute to many open source projects.

Since 2005, I work professionally as web developer. I am living at Aix-en-Provence, near Marseille in southern France.

Boris Guéry is a member of the community since November 2011.

Projects - 14

  • bgylibrary

    **This library is NOT MAINTAINED anymore.** Extension of Zend Framework, provides Doctrine 2 integration, Entity Serialization, toArray(), common filters, views helpers, and more.

  • capifony-tuto

    A step by step Capifony deployment for Symfony2 projects

  • geolier

    Geolier is an utility to configure a backup server and create backup clients in a jail using JailKit

  • Gisele

    Google CLI Search - Gisele allows to do Google Search on CLI (currently supports Image search, Web search, and News search)

  • git-keywords-checker

    Git pre-commit hook to check for common mistakes (var_dump(), console.log(), etc.)

  • libvmod-hash

    Easily retrieve varnish req.hash in vcl

  • PaginatedResource

    A resource wrapper to easily encapsulate paginated resource into REST-like API.

  • shBrushIni

    Ini brush for Syntax Highlighter

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