Jarvis Stubblefield

Jarvis Stubblefield

Hendersonville, United States

Founder, Vortex Revolutions


I have been innovating, creating, and architecting hardware and software solutions for the past 19 years. I started with small companies and grew into providing solutions to the the likes of The National Guard, Nissan, Rolls Royce, Toyota, GM, VW, Boeing, and many more. I have experience with solutions spanning the manufacturing, energy, hospitality, and aerospace industries to name a few. Myself and my partner successfully bootstrapped and built a suite of products that was later sold to a multi-billion dollar international organization. I have negotiated multi-year strategic partnerships and technology buyouts, built multiple brands, and also has led R&D teams to provide unique solutions. I am on a US and international patents. I strive to show perseverance, creativity, and the inability to be constrained by what “can’t be done”.

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