Alejandro Steinmetz

Alejandro Steinmetz

La Plata, Argentina

Analista de Sistemas en ARBA, Systems Analysis


Alejandro Steinmetz is a technology and Web enthusiast.

He started developing software at 16.

At 18 he started working as IT specialist in the government sector.

He studied Systems Analysis and got certified as Project Management Specialist. Being the good technology lover he is, he’s always been at the forefront and he’s been self-teaching and attending classes, talks and events. He recently got certified as Android App Developer.

He specialized in systems and APIs development, and web and mobile services, using the latest technologies.

He’s given talks and training courses on management systems development.

He has been working as freelance IT consultant since 2009.

He was appointed by the University of Buenos Aires to manage IT projects and he works as a consultant for city, province and national administrations.

Currently, he’s Director at the Revenue Collection Agency of La Plata (Agencia Platense de Recaudación) and he is in charge implementing new technologies and systems to improve the city management.

He is the proud father of Mateo and has several hobbies like diving, carpentry and blacksmith.

Alejandro Steinmetz is a member of the community since September 2008.

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