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Alex is a member of the community since February 2014.

Projects - 8

  • CodingStandard

    The PHP_CodeSniffer coding standard I'm using on all of my projects

  • custom.keylayout

    Custom Translit (for Cyrillic) .keylayout files for use with Apple keyboards

  • db-reflection

    Library for changing database structure through PHP database reflection classes.

  • jira-cli

    JIRA Command Line Interface

  • php-annotations

    industrial-strength annotations for PHP

  • PhpStormProtocol

    Custom protocol handler for the PhpStorm

  • phpunit-mink

    Library for using Mink in PHPUnit tests. Supports session sharing between tests in a test case.

  • qa-tools

    QA-Tools is a PHP framework providing easy-to-use way of interaction with web-page elements in web-page tests.

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