Paweł Mikołajczuk

Paweł Mikołajczuk

Gdańsk, Poland

Developer, Sourcefabric


Open source PHP/Javascript developer.

Paweł Mikołajczuk is a member of the community since May 2010.

Projects - 10

  • AdvertsPluginBundle

    Adverts Plugin Bundle

  • AHSBelferPluginBundle

    Newscoop Plugin Bundle for Super Belfer contest

  • AHSWeatherPluginBundle api based Newscoop PluginBundle.

  • CraftyBoilerplate

    Default Boilerplate for CraftyJs project

  • CraftyDebug

    Crafty Debug component

  • dashboard-widgets

    Dashboard Widgets system builded on top of Symfony components, Allow 3d party developer to build widets for your application dashboard. Each widgets can have controllers, views, entities, each widget must have repository and can be installed with Composer.

  • dashboard-widgets-dashboard

    Sample working dashboard for dashboard-widgets system. See Dashboard Widgets in action.

  • hello-world-dashboard-widget

    Hello World Dashboard Widget

  • Newscoop

    Newscoop is the open content management system for professional journalists. Features for the modern newsroom include multiple author management, issue-and-section based publishing, geolocation and multilingual content management. The enterprise-standard journalist’s dashboard and a templating engine supporting anything from HTML5 to mobile complete this fast production and publishing system.

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