Alexandru Furculita

Alexandru Furculita

Iasi, Romania


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Alexandru Furculita is a member of the community since September 2014.

Projects - 16

  • generator-wp-note

    Yeoman generator to quickly install Note Wordpress starter theme into your theme folder. Work in progress!

  • mozart

    Wordpress Framework for easy and solid plugin and theme development. It brings OOP, PHP 5.3 features and modern practices to Wordress

  • mozart-breadcrumbs

    Breadcrumbs component for Mozart

  • mozart-commerce

    e-Commerce Component for Mozart

  • mozart-directory

    Business Directory Component for Mozart

  • mozart-faq

    FAQ component for Mozart

  • mozart-forms

    Forms Component for Mozart

  • mozart-google-analytics

    Google Analytics Component for Mozart

  • mozart-google-maps

    Google Maps Component for Mozart

  • mozart-ratings

    Ratings Component for Mozart

  • mozart-search

    Search Component for Mozart

  • mozart-social

    Social Component for Mozart

  • mozart-theme-foundation

    The Foundation for a WordPress Theme based on Mozart

  • mozart-translation

    Translation Component for Mozart

  • note

    Wordpress Starter Theme for rapid, but solid theme development, based on latest technologies and best practices: Grunt, Bower, RequireJS, BackboneJS, Bootstrap, Twig, Composer.

  • wp-assetic

    Asset Management for Wordpress. Parses SASS, LESS or STYLUS into CSS, CofeeScript into Javascript, minifies assets, optimize images and a lot more. Not ready for production

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