Peter Ayeni

Peter Ayeni

Abuja, Nigeria

Creative Technologist, Xforx Studios


From time immemorial, those who have been inspired to bring change to the world have all employed one thing in common, innovation and creative tool that consistently makes the impossible possible. AYENI PETER OLAMILEKAN AYODEJI who WAS BORN AND RAISED IN IDIROKO, OGUN STATE originally had no intention of going into IT, PREFERRING TO REMAIN A SCIENCE GURU for the heck of it. Perhaps, you can call him one of the reputable Nigerian to build a brand known of quality & fastest growing ICT firm in Nigeria from the cradle. Popularly known as ‘cology’. He CARRIES VISION OF INNOVATION AT ITS PEAK. A Creative Technologist, solely growing in a proud and illustrious career in the history of Web Design & Development, Graphics, Software Solutions, Internet Security, Digital Art, and Multimedia.
If you’ve ever heard of Young Developers Network (YDN), Peter is the founder and President of this organization which is set to transform Africa by grooming bright minds that think alike. You want to be his friend? you have to be the thinking or better still , the creative type. As good as he is, he never thought of quitting the quest of learning as he develop himself continually with new Ideas.

Peter Ayeni is a member of the community since October 2014.

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