Victor Zen

Victor Zen

Toronto, Canada

Marketing manager, OnlineCasinoZen


Hello gamblers, bettors, punters, and sympathizers! I’m Victor, marketing promoter for the Online casino Zen project, and one of the founders of this project. I will be your guide through the complicated and tricky world of gambling.

Being a promoter in marketing, I know all the marketing and advertising tricks very well, plus I am a passionate gambler myself. My favourites are slots when I want to relax, poker when I want to strategize, craps when I want to socialize, and jackpots when I’m in hopes of winning big. In Zen project, I have managed to unite my professional skills and passion to games of chance. Moreover, I hope my experience both as a gambler and as a marketing expert will not only make this project better, but will be provided to your service.

I love playing different casino games myself, but to tell you honestly, now, when I already have over 10 years of experience in different niches of marketing, this becomes more and more complicated. I cannot but notice all the dirty tricks many casinos use to lure in customers and keep them. So often, instead of playing casino games at a new site, I start analyzing their marketing strategy (despite the fact that this is not my working hours).

On the other hand, this kinda workaholism becomes really useful for you, my fellow gamblers in the world of countless online enticements. Being a gambler myself, I get really excited when I find a reliable, reputable, safe, entertaining, and high paying casino, and of course I rush to share my discovery with the community on Zen. When I find a scammy and too-smart-ass online casino that offers bonuses bigger than they are likely to pay, brings forward crappy games library, hides info on their license, and leaves the slowest banking methods in the universe for the users to withdraw cash - well, be sure I will let you know.

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