Tim Swann

Tim Swann

Belfast, United Kingdom

Snr. Technical Lead, Simply Zesty


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Tim Swann is a member of the community since December 2013.

Projects - 20

  • 2ndFactor

    Firefox OS One-Time-Password Authenticator. Basically a port of Google authenticator

  • 97thingsDaily

    DEPRECATED:: A simple script to email one of the 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know each day. Every day a different thing to keep you inspired.

  • alexa-cookbook

    A series of sample code projects to be used for educational purposes during Alexa hackathons and workshops, and as a reference for tutorials and blog posts.

  • BBC-Weather-Parser

    parse BBC Atom feed. NB dont use without checking license.

  • ecb-daily-rates-parser

    Parse the currency exchange rates from the European Central Bank.

  • FBComments

    Simple web app for finding all the comments associated with a series of facebook posts, and optionally picking one comment as a random "winner"

  • FizzBuzz_UnitTesting_Intro

    And introduction to unit testing based on the FizzBuzz game

  • Google-Weather-Parser

    This class will grab a feed from Google Weather

  • html5-google-authenticator

    A simple application for multi-factor authentication, written in HTML using jQuery Mobile (and PhoneGap), jsSHA and LocalStorage.

  • learnGitBranching

    An interactive git visualization to challenge and educate!

  • Linen-Effect-Webpage-Background-Tile

    Sample psd and some notes on how to create your own repeating linen effect tile

  • MailtoLinkGenerator

    A little front end web app for creating(urlencoding) Mailto Links

  • ORMCheatSheet

    This cheatsheet is intended as a quick reference guide for everyone working with PHP ORM frameworks and with ORM frameworks in general.

  • phpbelfast-framework

    PHPBelfast demo framework

  • Smarty3

    GitHub version of the Google Code Smarty

  • smarty_modifier_ago

    Smarty Plugin to work out the relative age of a given timestamp

  • symblog-docs

    Tutorial for symblog - Creating a blog in Symfony2

  • symfony2cheatsheet

    A practical symfony2 cheatsheet

  • Vaprobash-php7.0

    Vagrant Provisioning Bash Scripts

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