Robby White

Robby White

Tuscaloosa, United States

The Nine


Robby graduated in Architecture in 2003 from Auburn University. He worked in the Architectural field for 4 years before purchasing 9th Street Creative. Robby brought a new, personal aspect to the interactive development world by treating his projects and clients the way an architectural agency would – step by step with constant, clear communication every step of the way. He decided clients should be involved in the creative process rather than being left with a product they hadn’t envisioned. Robby implemented this decision by developing a strong foundation of communication around which all projects at The Nine are built. As President, Robby oversees all operation of the company, consults with customers about Internet marketing, assists with business development, and represents The Nine in the business community. Additionally, Robby actively participates in casting company vision and staff mentoring and development. Under Robby's leadership, The Nine has grown over 200 percent each year of business.

Robby White is a member of the community since June 2012.

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